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Understanding eBay Store Costs: Pricing and Benefits Breakdown

As an online seller, you may have considered opening an eBay store to expand your business and reach a wider audience. Before making the leap, it’s essential to understand the costs and benefits associated with eBay store subscriptions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different subscription plans, pricing, and advantages, helping you make an informed decision about whether an eBay store is right for your needs.

eBay Store Subscription Plans

eBay offers five store subscription plans: Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise. Each plan comes with its own set of benefits, and pricing depends on whether you choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Below is a breakdown of the costs and features associated with each plan (as of September 2021):

1. Starter

Monthly subscription: $7.95
Yearly subscription: $4.95/month
Included listings: 100

The Starter plan is ideal for sellers new to eBay or those with a limited inventory. It provides a low-cost entry point with 100 free listings per month.

2. Basic

Monthly subscription: $27.95
Yearly subscription: $21.95/month
Included listings: 250

With the Basic plan, sellers receive 250 free listings per month and lower final value fees. This plan is suitable for sellers with a growing inventory who require additional tools for managing their online store.

3. Premium

Monthly subscription: $74.95
Yearly subscription: $59.95/month
Included listings: 1,000

The Premium plan is designed for high-volume sellers, offering 1,000 free listings per month and even lower final value fees. Additional benefits include advanced selling tools and dedicated customer support.

4. Anchor

Monthly subscription: $349.95
Yearly subscription: $299.95/month
Included listings: 10,000

Anchor is an ideal choice for large-scale sellers, providing 10,000 free listings per month and the lowest final value fees. Subscribers also receive access to advanced reporting and a dedicated customer support team.

5. Enterprise

Custom pricing
Included listings: 100,000+

The Enterprise plan is tailored for high-volume, enterprise-level sellers. With custom pricing and over 100,000 free listings per month, this plan offers maximum flexibility and support for large businesses.

Additional Benefits of eBay Store Subscriptions

All eBay store subscribers receive several benefits, including:

  • Lower final value fees
  • Access to powerful selling tools
  • Marketing and promotional features
  • Discounts on shipping supplies
  • Increased visibility in search results

Keep in mind that additional fees apply for listing items beyond your subscription’s free listing allowance, and fees may vary depending on the category of your item.


Understanding the costs and benefits of each eBay store subscription plan is crucial for determining the best fit for your online selling needs. Carefully consider your inventory size, sales volume, and growth expectations to select the most suitable plan. By choosing the right subscription, you can unlock valuable tools and features that can help you grow and manage your eBay store more effectively, ultimately boosting your online business’s success.

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