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Cookie statement

When using our online services, we employ cookies and other online tracking technologies, which we shall refer to as “cookies” throughout this Cookie Statement.

Cookies serve a variety of purposes, including enabling the functionality of the Tactic Tales website, analysing website usage, and supporting our marketing campaigns through various channels.

Cookies employed upon visiting the Tactic Tales website can be classified as Necessary, Analytical, or Marketing cookies.

This Cookie Statement offers an explanation of what cookies are, their uses, and the available choices.

Tactic Tales reserves the right to update this Cookie Statement periodically.

What are cookies and online tracking technologies?

A web browser cookie is a plain text file that resides in the web browser of your computer or mobile device.

These cookies retain data about the content you access and engage with to recall your preferences and facilitate the enhancement of your online experience.

Cookies are divided into “first party” and “third party”:

  • First party cookies are the cookies served by the owner of the domain. In our case, that’s tactic tales.co.uk. Any cookie we set ourselves is a “first-party cookie.”
  • Third-party cookies are cookies served on our domains by trusted partners that we’ve authorised to do so. These can be security partners, advertising partners, social media partners, and more.

And they can be either “session cookies” or “permanent cookies”:Session cookies only exist until you close your browser, ending what’s called your “session.”Permanent cookies have a range of lifespans and stay on your device after the browser is closed.

Web browser cookies can contain details such as your browser type, information about the content you view or engage with, your IP address, and other identifiers. We use this information to recall your preferences and gauge how you utilize our online services.

Additionally, we employ tracking technologies that are comparable to web browser cookies. Our website and emails may feature small transparent image files or lines of code that record your interactions with our content. These technologies include “scripts,” “web beacons,” “tracking URLs,” “system logs,” and other similar technologies.


Scripts are brief sections of code that are incorporated within our web pages, affording a broad spectrum of supplementary functionality. Scripts are crucial in enabling our website to operate properly. For instance, certain scripts furnish security features and interactive functionalities that enrich your online experience.

Moreover, they can serve advertising purposes to apprise our campaigns or assess your use of our website. A script has the capability to gather information concerning your usage of our website, such as the pages you visit or the content you engage with.

Web beacons

Web beacons are known by a multitude of monikers, such as tags, web tags, tracking pixels, clear GIFs, image tags, tracking bugs, or web bugs.

These beacons comprise a graphic image that is sent to your device as a component of a web page request, an advertisement, or an HTML email message.

They can be employed to collect information from your device, including your operating system, device type, IP address, and the time of your visit. Our third-party associates may also utilise web beacons to monitor how you engage with our content, for instance, when you open an email.

Tracking URLs

Tracking URLs are hyperlinks that incorporate a distinctive identifier.

They are utilised to track the marketing channel that directed you to our website. An instance of this is clicking a link from our social media page, search engine, or one of our affiliate partners’ websites. Our third-party associates may also use tracking URLs to evaluate the effectiveness of our content. For instance, tracking the links you clicked in an email you received.

System logs and other technologies

System logs and other technologies are used to collect many additional types of information. We collect information about the device you use to access the Tactic Tales website and emails, your browser type, operating system type, time zone, device language and other system settings.

Our system logs also record the device’s IP address you use to connect to our online services. These tools help us improve user experience, fix issues and deliver our services.

All these tracking technologies are referred to as “cookies” in this Cookie Statement.

How we use cookies

Cookies are used to collect information, including:

  • Web pages you have visited
  • Your IP address
  • Whether you have responded to an advertisement
  • A referral URL (the web page you were visiting before it sent you to the Tactic Tales website)
  • Information about your browser
  • Information about your device
  • Internet service provider
  • Timestamp
  • Features used or activities engaged in on our online services.

Using cookies allows you to be recognised as the same user across our website. Cookies set when you visit our website can be categorised into Necessary, Analytical and Marketing cookies.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are required and set when you visit Tactic Tales’s website. They serve to operate the website and its features in a workable fashion.

We use functional cookies to create technologically advanced, user-friendly websites that adapt automatically to your needs and preferences so you can browse and book effortlessly. Our use of functional cookies also includes enabling essential security and accessibility features.

More specifically, these cookies:

  • Enable our website to work correctly, allowing you to make a booking, create an account and log in.
  • Remember your previous search information to help you use our website efficiently and effectively.
  • Securely remember your account information, so you do not have to retype your log-in credentials when you revisit our website.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect data for statistical purposes on how our website is used and are used to improve your user experience.

More specifically, these cookies:

  • Help us identify website issues and fix them quickly.
  • Help us understand how users interact with our website.
  • Help us to improve our website and communication to ensure we offer relevant and interesting content.
  • Help us understand the effectiveness of campaigns such as advertisements and communications.
  • Teach us how users interact with our website after they’re shown an online ad, including ads on third-party websites.

The data we collect through these cookies can include which web pages you have viewed, the referral URL, where you landed on the website, where you left the website, which email you opened, which link you clicked, how far you scrolled down the page and the data and time of each event.

Marketing cookies

Tactic Tales and our trusted approved partners use these cookies to collect information about you over time across multiple websites, applications and other platforms.

They help us display advertisements that we believe are relevant to you and your interests both on and off our website.

More specifically, these cookies:

  • Display personalised adverts we believe are relevant to you based on the information we know about you.
  • To display retargeting adverts based on your browsing activities, such as the product pages you have visited and may be shown to you both before and after you leave our website. Their aim is to encourage you to browse and return to our website.
  • Allow you to like or share content on social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube – by integrating like and share buttons provided by each social media channel. These cookies can be functional but can also be used to keep track of which websites you visit from their network, build a profile of your online browsing behaviour, and show you personalised adverts.
  • Categorise you into a particular interest profile, for example, based on the websites you visit and your click behaviour. We use these profiles to display personalised content (such as travel ideas or specific accommodation) on tactictales.com and other websites.

To learn more about what social media platforms do with your data, view their cookie and privacy statements:

What are your choices?

Cookies can be controlled by your web browser settings. Whether our cookies are used will depend on your browser settings, so you’re in control. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please use the following links:

Please note that these links will take you to other sites. Tactic Tales is not responsible for the information and the setting of cookies on these other sites.

Some websites have “Do Not Track” features that allow you to ask a website not to track you. We’re currently unable to support “Do Not Track” browser settings.

Your mobile device may allow you to manage cookies through its settings section. Refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions for more information.

If you choose to decline cookies, some parts of the Tactic Tales website may not work as intended or may not work at all.

How to contact us

If you have any questions about this Cookie Statement or wish to exercise your data privacy rights, please contact us.